Humidity and Humidity and temperatura transmitter 180 ºC HumiTrans 620

The humidity and temperature transmitter HumiTrans 620 is the most potent Leyro transmitter. This unit allows multiple parameters of any hygroscopic as well as work in a temperature range up to 180 ºC.

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The capacitive sensor with high quality LE1800 ensures excellent stability on any type of application.

The HumiTrans 620 transmitter is presented with a unique configuration with many possibilities and great potential applications thanks to its software.

The team comes in mural elongation wired version 2 meters for the most demanding applications because the HumiTrans 620 is designed to work in a temperature range of -40 … 180 ° C.

The transmitter has an analog output for dew point or frost point ppm volume concentration

Technical Specs: 
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