Dew point transmitter HumiTrans 900

The HumiTrans 900 dew point transmitter for dew point measurement is Specially designed for precise control in any type of industrial process.

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The Humitrans 900 mounts a capacitive sensor L0
Measuring range -60 … 60ºDP (scalable from -100 to 60ºDP)
Analog output 0-10 V 4-20 mA
Communication output RS 485 ModBus RTU
Accuracy at 20 ° C ± 2ºC tpdr
Traceable by international standards, ENAC, NIST, PTB …
Response time 80 sec -20ºC to -40ºC Tpdr and 10 sec. -40ºC to -20ºC Tpdr
Volume concentration: Measuring range 20 … 200,000ppm
Accuracy at 20 ° C 5ppm + 20% reading
Compact design and 360º case rotation

Technical Specs: 
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Compressed air system
Drying by refrigeration
Adsorption drying
Drying of plastic pellets


Compact design and 360º case rotation
Measuring range -60 … 60ºC + tpdr
Accuracy +/- 2ºC + tpdr

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