Leyro Instruments offers a wide range of services focused on the field of industrial measurement and control of processes. Leyro offers basic solutions, such as repairs in field, and solutions for complete projects.


The instrumentation has become essential for the industry area. A proper diagnostic of the needs and the correct selection of instruments and solutions allows to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As our specialists have experience in all type of industrial sectors and an in-depth knowledge of the available technologies, they can assit in any problem

Implementation of equipment

A right installation and equipment implementation are the guarantee of a reliable performance of them. In Leyro Instruments we can install the equipment and verify them. Our proposal includes the instrument’s configuration and the training of plant personnel in order to use them quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance contracts

In order to provide the highest satisfaction as possible to our customers, we offer the possibility of maintenance the technical equipment.
We offer you the possibility to outsource tasks that you do not want to perform internally, because of its technical complexity or because they need to carry out in long intervals of time.

Technical advisory

Our specialists will answer all your technical questions and they will offer the necessary support for the correct use of equipment, in order to find the best solutions. Our advice will help you to reach the better manage of your equipment, even more to save up time and unnecessary costs.


Our projects are associated with staff-training need for managing correctly the costumer’s equipment or possible solutions.
We can provide specialized technical training courses. Our courses and seminars are a great opportunity to transmit valuable knowledge and experience to your technicians.

In-house repairs

All repairs are done in our head office located in Madrid. We have the neccesary technologies for the equipment maintenance. It allows us to offer all the neccesary reviews of equipment, functional tests or any service that you could need.

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