CO2 Transmitter CaliTrans 500

CaliTrans 500 transmitter is perfect for greenhouses extent where life is exposed to a very demanding environment pollutants, high humidity, such as fertilizers, herbicides, and high concentrations of ammonium, they are just some of the many dangers.

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The sturdy and functional housing with integrated special filter designed for such applications.

The air diffuses through the filter into the housing of the instrument. Then the air is diffused through a membrane filter, integrated in the measurement cell of CO2.

The measurement of CO2 is based on the method, infrared (NDIR). The patented system compensates for the effects of aging.

Measuring range is 0 … 2000/5000 / 10000ppm, analog output is 0 … 5/10 V or 4 … 20mA.

Mounting flange and a connector for the power supply. Allow quick and easy installation without opening the housing.

Technical Specs:
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