CO2 Sensor CaliTrans 320

The CaliTtrans 320 sensor is perfect for duct mounting in the fields of building management and demand controlled ventilation. The compact housing allows easy installation directly at the ventilation duct with a mounting flange.

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CaliTrans 320 transmitter is available with integrated temperature measurement.

CO2 transmitter operates on an infrared (NDIR). A patented procedure compensates for aging of the infrared source and ensures excellent long-term stability.

Patented offset the effects of aging, (even if there is no fresh air supply) and ensures excellent long-term stability. Sensors CO2 tried and tested to ensure high reliability and measurement accuracy. The control air is channeled to the CO2 sensor by convection method, through the measuring head and a tube of 12mm.

Gas exchange with the CO2 sensor is carried out by diffusion through a diaphragm, the air in the CO2 sensor driving with a closed system and there is no contamination of the trajectory of optical measurement CO2 sensor.

Measuring ranges 0 … 2000ppm are assigned to 0 … 5 V / 10 V or 4 … 20 mA analog output.

Los rangos de medición 0 … 2.000 / 5.000 / 10.000 ppm se asignan a 0 … 5 V / 10 V o 4 … 20 mA de salida analógica.

Technical Specs:
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