Air speed sensor AirTrans 120

AirTrans 120 is a compact air speed transmitter designed for high volume applications.

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Due to the small design, the module can be installed in almost all applications. The use of a high quality sensor element thin film based on the hot wire principle ensures optimal precision and maximum sensitivity.

The innovative design makes the speed sensor elements are less sensitive to dust and other pollutants than conventional. This is reflected in the excellent reproducibility and tested for long term stability of the measurement results.

AirTrans 120 can be mounted quickly and easily. The alignment strip along the probe shaft mating and mounting flange determines the orientation of the sensor probe. The mounting flange allows an infinite variation of the depth of the sensor probe.

Built into the probe tube electronics provide a linear analog signal of 0 … 5V or 0 … 10V for the speed range of 0 … 5 m / s ( 0…1000ft/min ) / 0 … 10 m / s ( 0 … 2000ft/min ) or 0 … 20 m / s ( 0…4000ft/min ).

Technical Specs:
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