Air speed accuracy transmitter AirTrans 500

AirTrans 500 is a high precision air transmitter with a flow sensor (hot wire) for industrial applications.

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The AirTrans 500 transmitters, for measuring air velocity, have been developed for accurate measurement results on a wide range of speeds and temperatures. A hot-wire sensor with high quality technology based thin film ensures maximum sensitivity, even at lower mass flows.

At the same time, the innovative design of the probe produces reliable measurement results in high flow velocities up to 40 m / s ( 8000ft/min ) . The compensation temperature reduces the temperature of the cross which, combined with robust mechanical design, allows it to be used to process temperatures from -40 to +120 °C (-40 to 248 °F) sensitivity.

Besides air speed and temperature values, the transmitter calculates the volumetric flow rate in m³ / h ³ / min feet . The cross section of the duct needs to be determined for this purpose and the volume flow rate can be displayed and / or sent to one of the analog outputs.

The AirTrans 500 series can be used to measure the speed of other gases.

Technical Specs:
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