USB Data Logger temperature and humidity

USB data logger humidity and temperature LKH70

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USB data logger humidity and temperature LKH70

Data Logger for data monitoring in ambient conditions, warehouses and transport.

The logger can be configured without software using a configurator PDF file, and at the end of programming it issues an automatic PDF report indicating the alarms and a summary of the recorded data.

Allows you to change the interval and use different delayed activation modes.

For the more advanced, downloadable software is available to configure the equipment, view the data table and custom graphs, export to Excel for analysis and calculations.

Technical Specs:
Download tech specs pdf

Additional information


• Integrated PDF configurator
• Memory capacity of 50,000 values
• 2 programmable alarm limits
• Automatic PDF report
• Free software to export data to Excel

Especificaciones técnicas

• LKH70: Range from 0 to 100% RH (-20 to 70ºC)
• Humidity accuracy: 2.5% RH

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