Temperature Calibrator Dry Block LHC 40

Leyro portable temperature calibrator Dry Block for calibrations of temperature between -35ºC…165ºC*.  The dry block has a diameter of 60 mm and a depth of inmersion of 165mm.  It also has an easy and intuitive temperature controller with a resolution of 0,1 and an integrated PT 100 for reference temperature measurements..

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Leyro portable temperature dry block LHC 40 for temperature calibrations between     -35ºC… 165ºC*. With a stability of  ±0,03ºC, an uniformity of ±0,05ºC and an accuracy of  ±0,3ºC , it offers a versatile solution for calibrating termocouples in all kind of industrial environments, offering excellent results and a fast response time. The LHC 40 is easy to use thanks to its compact and light design. Thanks to big size of the insert, it has a big drilling capacity and can calibrate a lot of termocouples at the same time. Apart from the standard insert (A) you can choose different types of optional inserts, so the equipment can be adapted to any circumstance.

Technical Specs: 
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Calibration labs, On-Site.
Testing Labs
Universities / R & D
Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
Food industry

Puntos destacados

Temperature range -40 … 165°C*
Immersion depth 190 mm / 7.48 in
Stability ±0.03 ºC / 0.05 ºF
Uniformity ± 0.05ºC / 0.09 ºF
Fast response time
* Minimum Temperature -60°C / 140 ºF below ambient.
Ambient Temperature 20ºC/60ºF

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