Portable temperature calibrator micro bath LCB 30 +COOL

Portable thermostatic calibration bath LCB 30 +COOL. It has the most wide range of temperature in the market -40ºC…165ºC.  It offers a depth of inmersion of 190 mm and a diameter of 60mm.

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Portable thermostatic calibration bath with a range of temperature -40… 165ºC*. It offers a depth of inmersion of 190 mm and a diameter of 60mm , so it can warranty a wide range  of work . Leyro portable calibrations baths offer the best services for the most exigent calibrations . Thanks to the magnetic stirrer with continuous regulation, you can homogenize the calibration zone, and that convert this equipment in one of the most reliable equipment thanks to an stability of ±0,03ºC and an uniformity of ± 0,05ºC. It has an easy and intuitive temperature controller with 4 digits and a resolution of 0,1.  Integrated PT 100 probe for reference temperature measurements, adjustable speed magnetic stirrer by potentiometer.

Technical Specs: 
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Calibration labs, On-Site.
Testing Labs
Universities / R & D
Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
Food industry

Puntos destacados

Temperature range -40 … 165°C*
Immersion depth 190 mm / 7.48 in
Stability ±0.03 ºC / 0.05 ºF
Uniformity ± 0.05ºC / 0.09 ºF
Fast response time
* Minimum Temperature -60°C / 140 ºF below ambient.
Ambient Temperature 20ºC/60ºF

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