Precision pressure calibrator LPG 800

Modular instrument up to 3 sensor + barometer. Pressure range: – 1 … 250 Bar. Hydraulic version up 1000 Bar Accuracy 0,01% FS.

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It stands out due to its pressure sensors, which are based on the MEMS technology, and that combine maximum precision with highest long-term stability.

The LPG 800 achieves a control stability of 0.003 % FS of the currently active pressure range. The instrument is operated intuitively via a touch screen. All extended functions are accessible via submenues.

Technical Specs: 
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Additional information


Service industries and calibration services
Research and development
Transmitter calibration


Up to 3 modular sensors
Completely mobile/ stationary test equipment
Very high measuring rate – 1 to 250 bar
Accuracy: 0,01 % FS
Analogue output available
Barometer sensor optional (up to 0,008%FS)

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