Portable Temperature calibrator micro bath LCB 30 Plus Basic

Portable Multi-function calibration bath, Dry-well, infrared and surface, with a temperature range -30ºC … 195ºC *. It offers a depth of immersion of 190 mm and a diameter of 60 mm

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Multifunction temperature calibrator LCB 30 is an equipment suitable for all conditions and applications, covering different kind of industries. The LCB 30 multifunction is the most advanced equipment in its class. Designed to work in a few minutes, as a dry block and liquid bath. Thanks to the wide variety of inserts available, it allows you to calibrate any probe or thermocouple.

The LCB 30 has a temperature range of -30ºC … 195ºC *, stability of 0.01ºC and accuracy of 0.1ºC.


Technical Specs: 
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Additional information


Calibration Laboratories
Testing Labs
Universities / R & D
Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
Suitable use in the food industry
Easy maintenance and service


Fast Response Time
Temperature range -35 … 165ºC*
Bath, Dry well, IR, Surface
Immersion Depth: 190 mm
Resolution: 0.1 ºC
Stability: 0.01 ºC
Accuracy: 0.1 ºC
Uniformity: 0.03 ºC
3 Years Warranty

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