Temperature Calibrator Dry Block LBB 90

Temperature range: 30… 70 ºC
Temperature stability ± 0.03 ºC
Resolution 0.1 / 0.01ºC
Black body diameter 57 mm
Housing and mounting Desktop / portable
Dimensions Width 230 x Length 250 x Height 150 mm
Weight (kg) 4.8 kg
Country of origin Spain

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Leyro Instruments has developed a precision Black Body Calibrator, for real-time measurement, to give a quick response to manufacturers of IR thermal imaging cameras. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic spreading throughout the world. The BLACK BODY by Leyro allows the detection of fever by comparison, allowing an immediate and non- invasive response in people. The LBB 90 provides a point of comparison and greater accuracy in measurement, along with IR thermal imaging cameras and that can help in Hotels, Hospitals, large commercial areas, factories, airports, train stations, or any space with high traffic of people, to prevent the spread of the disease .The Black Body of Leyro LBB 90 allows to avoid any error or drift in the measurement over the reference point, in the field of vision of the thermal imager. This equipment has been Specially designed for this purpose, providing a real and precise reading point, compatible with all cameras on the market, allowing it to be used 24/7.

Technical Specs: 
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