Advanced temperature Micro Bath Calibrator LCA 30 +COOL

Most advanced portable thermostatic Calibration Bath. It has  the most wide range of temperature in the market -40ºC…165ºC.  It offers a depth of inmersion of 190 mm and a diameter of 60mm. Also you can add an external reference sensor of temperature, the equipment is provided with Ethernet communications and 2 USB ports

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The Leyro LCA 30 multifunction temperature calibrator is an equipment suitable for all conditions and applications covering different kind of industries. The Leyro LCA 30 multifunction is the most advance equipment in its class. The LCA 30 multifunction has a temperature range -40ºC…165ºC* an stability of 0,01 ºC and a precision of 0,1ºC . It is produced with an user interface with a Touch screen of 4,3 inches, External Reference PT 100 probe with 4 wires,  80Mb internal memory data logger, 40 programs function, trend graph

Technical Specs: 
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Calibration laboratories, on the site.
Testing Labs
Universities / R & D
Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry food

Puntos destacados

Temperature range -35… 165ºC
Temperature control: Int / Ext
Immersion Depth: 190 mm
Highlights Temperature range -40 … 165ºC * / -40ºF … 329ºF *
Temperature control: Internal / External
Immersion depth: 190 mm / 7.48 inches
Stability 0.01ºC / 0.02ºF
Resolution: 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001ºC
Accuracy: 0, 1ºC / 0.2ºF
Uniformity 0.05ºC / 0.09ºF Time of
quick response
* Minimum Temperature -60°C / 140 ºF below ambient.
Ambient Temperature 20ºC/60ºF

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